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lol xD

Masterpiece! fucking love this!

Kyteman - Sorry (Live @ Lowlands 2009)

Seba - Painted Skies (Pythius Remix)

Deep vibes in this one! check it!

Forthcoming On Mindtrick Records!

New Burial track!!!! (With Four Tet and Thom Yorke)

The Blog Notnicemusic did an interview with me: check it out!

Interview with Pythius
I caught up with Dutch Producer Pythius to find out what makes him tick and some of his main influences -

When did you get into producing and who was it that inspired you to do so?

I started listening to Drum & Bass when I was 14 or 15 don’t remember exactly. And at that time I was busy with making music a lot. I played drums in a few metal bands. And I listened to Industrial and Hardcore (not that hatebreed hardcore but the neophyte and angerfist hardcore). After a while I became more and more interested in Drum & Bass and I started to attend party’s (Blackout, Utreg Massive etc)

I really fell in love with the music. When I was 17 I started screwing around with garageband which I had on my powerbook G4. Started to try and make dnb, and hip hop and this strange ambient music. But I gave that up after a month. A year later I picked it up again, and made a dubstep track in garageband. After that I got logic pro 8 and started making dnb, first this jump-up wobbly kinda dnb, but after ages of producing I started to find my own sound and I became more interested in the more minimal and deeper side of the genre.

I guess Resonant Evil inspired me to begin producing. Their track Hold Your Breath was the first dnb track I ever heard, and I loved it instantly. I used that track as a reference when I first started.

How did your name ‘Pythius’ come about?

Well my first name was “DJ Fiets” that’s dutch for DJ Bicycle. I wasn’t very serious at that time, it’s still my voicemail though. I came up with that while being really drunk on new years eve.

And after a time I decided to take a more serious name, and I screwed around with python etc, some snake based names, since I liked snakes. and I though, “hey let’s add a roman/greek feel for more epicness” so it became Pythius. And I googled it and came across a wikipedia article about pythius. Who was some ancient greek guy who had loads of money.

Best and worst DJ sets?

My best DJ set was at the Ekko in Utrecht, really had a great time there and the crowd loved it too, so everyone was enjoying it I started off with some deep dubstep and ended with breakcore.

My worst DJ set was at a party somewhere in a warehouse, I had borrowed a friend of mines laptop, and while I was transferring the files to hips laptop something must have gone wrong, because 70% of the files were corrupted and I found that out during my performance, so shit kinda went wrong then.

And at another one, there was this guy who accidentally while connecting some cables, knocked my needle of the vinyl 3 times, and he tripped over the cable of the subwoofer and then the whole subwoofer was disconnected, right in the middle of my set.

Whose Music are you really felling at the moment?

Well in DnB i’m really into Phace & Misantroph at the moment those guys make some sick tracks, really loved their BBC 1Xtra minimix. And I really like artists like, Black Sun Empire, S.P.Y, Data, June Miller, Ed Rush & Optical, Icicle, Seba, Spor, Stray, Ram Trilogy and Evol Intent.

And You should check out Fathom Audio, they did this amazing radio show on with nice deep and minimal dnb. They changed to Kane FM now.

Check out Druid with his show on Jungletrain, he runs a really tight radio show there.

And also check out; Eskalation those guys make some sick music and have wicked sets, YMB really tight Technoid dnb producer. Mathizm, also a really good producer, Hunchbak this guy also makes some nice DnB with good minimal/deep Vibes. Horshead is a great Breakcore producer with whom I have a collab project with called Spectral Form (formerly called B1-66ER). We make this hard dubstep/dnb sound, you can check the tracks on my Soundcloud page.

Like to listen to dusbtep artists like: Digital mystikz, Kryptic Minds, Headhunter, Moving Ninja, Burial, Phaeleh, Ital Tek, SPL, Tes La Rok, Loefah, Djunya, Distance etc.

Further more I like acts like: Amon Tobin, Flying Lotus, Mobb Deep, Hudson Mohawke, Helios, High Tone, Madlib, Bong-Ra, RJD2, Deftones, Typhoon and Zwart Licht.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Sometimes I listen to Country, my dad brought me up on that. I like to listen to Black Metal, love the atmosphere in the music, it really can hit the spot. And Paul Estack :p

You produce mainly Dnb and Dubstep, can you see yourself producing anything else or do you think you will stick with those two?

Well maybe I’ll turn on ambient one day, or Hip Hop or Breakcore or something like that. Sometimes when I’m bored I try making that kind of music, but I never finish it.

Can you tell us about some releases?

Well I got an Upcoming release at the dutch Label Piracy Revolt Records, that’s gonna be a Vinyl with the track Endless sequence, and 3 Remixes of it, (Horsehead Remix, Djoust Remix and a Sinister Souls Remix)

And i’m talking with some Labels about releasing my latest tracks, but nothing is sure at this point though.

I got a few gigs one at the 5th of march In Amsterdam, one at the Eklektik Guys Festival in Belguim on the 1st of April, and one on the 23rd April in Utrecht. That’s about it at the moment, let’s hope more bookings are coming my way soon!

How do you say not nice in Dutch?

Niet leuk


Niet Tof

New tune nearing completion! Get ready!